Enjoying the weather☀️

It's beautiful weather today at Fudge Towers, makes a nice change after the rain of the past few days. 

We are currently making some Rocky road and Millionaires shortbread fudge. Rocky road is bursting with biscuit, cherry, raisins and marshmallows in a chocolate fudge. Millionaires is probably the hardest but tastiest fudge to make. It's triple layered, chocolate, caramel and biscuit. 

We picked up our new leaflets today to give out at Warwick food festival next week. They offer 10% off online orders. 

Hope the weather stays like this for the next few days! 


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Standard delivery within the UK costs £4.00 per order. We make our fudge fresh to order on Monday, Tueday and Wednesday and Post Thursday and Friday. Please bare this in mind when ordering. 


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