The Food Review Club Love our Fudge!

The Food Review Club Love our Fudge!

Our handmade fudge has received a rave review from one of the UK's top food reviewers, the Food Review Club. According to their review, our fudge is "the fudge of 2023," "special," "stunning," and is a "great flavour twist." We're thrilled to receive such high praise from an authority in the food world and are excited to share our fudge with the UK.

The Food Review Club compared our fudge to their favourite traditional fudge and found that our handmade fudge surpassed it. They called it "mind-blowing," "exactly what you want," and "looks good, feels good, that is WOW, emotional, jaw-dropping fudge." We take pride in our unique flavour combinations and are thrilled that they were appreciated by such a discerning palate.

Check out the review below: 


@foodreviewclub These are WILD ❤️ Another level of yumminess… Finest Fudge Co #fyp #foodreviewclub #fudge ♬ original sound - Food Review Club

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We're grateful for the superb review from the Food Review Club and are excited to share our handmade fudge with even more people. It's our passion to create the best fudge possible, and we're delighted that our hard work has been recognised. We look forward to continuing to create mouth-watering fudge for our customers in the UK and beyond.

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